Happy trails….

Alas, the time has come.  I am allowing the blog to go the way of the dinosaurs.  Thank you all SO MUCH for the support the last 3 years.  Don’t worry, you can still follow us, just friend us on facebook, or e-mail me at alhayesmusic@gmail.com.  We are currently filming for a documentary to come out soon after the surgery, and will be working on the book soon.  You will be sick of us before you know it!  Also, for a short time, I will reply to posts/messages.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support, love, and understanding during this journey.  This is not the end of Katy’s journey, or ours (you all and us), it is just time to communicate in a new forum.  Below I will list links to my music sites, and we are easy to find on social media.  I hope that the beautiful weather finds you all, and that you remember to let those you love  know how you feel – no matter how busy you get.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.  I love you all.

Al Hayes



First, and most importantly, we are all fine.  We are still waiting on “the call,” and continue to go through the paces of the daily routine.  We got the call last week that our house in Kingwood was broken in to.  They made a mess, but didn’t take anything.  Our neighbors boarded up the door, and Katy’s mom started driving to Kingwood to watch the house.  She arrived today, but not before they broke in again.  This time they got 2 guns, a tv, a computer, and a coin collection…at least that is what we have found so far.  The stuff (guns/coins) they took belonged  to my grandfather.  He got them when he was a young man, and fed his family with them.  My dad learned to shoot, and hunted with them, when he was a boy.  I, too, learned to shoot with them, and hope to pass them onto my kids.  The coins were coins from all over the world that my grandfather collected through his entire life.  They also took my battery charger and tried to steal my other van, but were unsuccessful.

Now the cops have come and gone, the door is being fixed, the house is being cleaned, and a new alarm is being installed.  Even though we all fell violated, we are reminded that “stuff” is just “stuff.”  What is truly important to me is with me.  Everything can be replaced except family and friends.


If you live in Kingwood, please, please, please be alert.  The cops said that this has been happening a lot.  I hope you all have a safe and happy week and weekend.  



My intentions are good, but my delivery can be lacking.  At least with the blog these days.  I’m sorry.  I have a feeling that my writing will return to its previous frequency once more things start happening.  Until then, from all of us in the Hayes family, we hope you all have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON!  May you all get some rest, spend time with love ones, recharge your batteries, and be safe! On to the news….


Since November Katy and I have been going through our new routine.  At least it was our routine, but with the kids back I;m sure things will change.  Mondays were dealing with paperwork, calls, e-mails, etc involving whatever business was pressing at the time.  Tuesdays were more of the same, except we got our weekly date to Smoken’ Joe’s Bar BQ and Blues in Brighton, MA (right next to where we are staying).  The people there are amazing!  I’ve been invited up to play almost every time we’ve gone, and the band is incredible.  Joe, Wendy, Eddie, Randy, CJ, Nate, Al, Cindy, and the rest of the crew have made Katy and I feel at home.  Wednesdays were always exciting…LAUNDRY!  Thursdays were medical appointments, and Fridays were last minute runs to the grocery store so that we could be back in before everyone gets out and about.  It’s funny because it is such a different schedule than I am used to back home.  We have missed the kids horribly, but the break was good for them and us.  They got to get a normal schedule, school, and routine while we were getting our living arrangements settled.  WE ARE SO GLAD THAT THEY ARE BACK!!

Jake and Arielle went to stay with Katy’s sister in Michigan for a few months.  We are so grateful that they were able and willing to help us.  They were only gone for 10 weeks, but they both grew so much!  Jake is still athletic, tall, and skinny, and Arielle is talking more then ever…..I guess my mom’s curse worked-I got kids just like me!  Both kids LOVE music!  Jake is learning bass and guitar, and he writes music on his tablet.  Arielle just HAS to sing, and my mom got her a karaoke machine for Christmas (thanks, MOM!), so we are constantly entertained by what she thinks are the lyrics to the songs…sung at volume!

Amber and her boyfriend got to visit us for a few days.  She is so grown up, and doing very well in college.  We were able to spend a few days with them, and then the younger kids came back and we got to have all of our kids in the same house for the first time in 6 months!

I am holding up.  I miss my band, students, job, friends, house….. It’s funny how much self worth I (and, I guess, everyone else) put on working.  I know that what I am doing is for a great purpose.  I don’t regret the decision to come here at all. Still, I miss my life, and I cannot wait to get back to it….with Katy and her new arms!  As usual, my awesome wife does her best to make sure that I get my music fix, and little trips downstairs to sneak a few minutes to myself.  We shot down to my friend’s house for a couple of days (they live close to Boston), and the kids got to play in the snow.  They had a blast, and Katy took a sled (with me) down the hill.  We stopped in a big snow bank, and got covered in snow…..so much fun!  I love finding ways for her to do all of the things that I know she would be doing if she had not gotten sick.

Thank you all for keeping up with us!  May 2013 bring you all you wish for!




Katy and I wanted to say how thankful we are for our family, her continued health, and our friends.  We are also continuously thankful for all of you, your support, well wished, and donation.  We hope you all have a happy, safe, and restful Thanksgiving.  I do, FINALLY, have stuff to blog about, and will next week.  For the next few days we will concentrate solely on family and friends.  May all of you have continued blessings.


Al and Katy


Katy is recovering nicely from her fall.  Thank you all for the messages, private and public.  We worked out today, and have enjoyed our quiet time this last few weeks.  Have a great Sunday, and a fantastic rest of the week!




I want to start off by saying that everything is fine with us.  I would like to send our prayers and thoughts to all of those people who suffered any loss in the recent hurricane Sandy.  I feel so bad for those folks, and I hope that we can get the power, food, clean up, and all other forms of help to them QUICKLY!

We had a scare on Friday night!  Katy and I were invited to a wine tasting by Hospitality Homes (who  found the apartment for us-Great people!), and we were heading down to the event, which happened to be about 2 blocks from Brigham Women’s Hospital.  Have you ever had one of those days where you should have listened to your self, but didn’t?  I should have listened to myself last Friday!  I kept saying that we were going to take a cab so that we wouldn’t have to deal with parking, etc, but, at the last minute, we decided that parking was cheaper than a cab (trying to be frugal).  So Katy and I circle the block a few times, and finally find parking about 3 blocks from the hotel where the event was.  The nice people at HH were really nice to invite us to this event, and we were looking forward to a nice dinner and wine with these wonderfully generous people, so we made our way down the street.  At the corner across from the building, we discussed going down the block on our side and crossing, but decided not to because the cross walk sign had just changed in our favor.  We crossed the street, a full 150 feet from the door we were going to, and all of a sudden Katy flies out of her chair, and lands face first on the concrete!  She was howling almost immediately, and I was horrified!  It turns out that the ramp to the sidewalk from the street had a split in it that was covered by leaves and it grabbed the wheelchair wheel causing a dead stop.  This is such a freak thing considering how many miles Katy and I walk with her chair, and in MANY, MANY areas with bad streets or cracks, and we have never had this happen.

I rolled Katy the few blocks to BWH because she was in terrible pain, and took her to the ER.  She was hurting, my mind was racing, it was horrible.  We got her admitted in the ER at BWH, got her x-rayed, and, very gratefully, nothing was broken!  For the hour or so it took to get the x-rays, and then the hour or so to get the results, we were so nervous.  The nerves didn’t help Katy’s pain level, but the doctors finally got her pain under control.  After several hours, we all decided that it would be best for Katy to stay the night so that they could manage pain and so that I wouldn’t have to transfer her 5-6 times.  I went home to a sleepless night, and returned the next morning to find her “ready to go.”  She was still in HORRIBLE pain, and couldn’t move her arms hardly at all, but was cleared to go.  The staff was very nice (MUCH better than some of our previous experiences with hospital staff), and answered all of our questions, gave good care, and seemed genuinely concerned.

Since then, we have remained around the apartment, letting Katy rest, and she is improving.  She is still sore, but I think she will be moving almost fully by Monday or Tuesday.  Katy says it was a perfect storm because she usually positions herself in her chair differently (making it harder to fall out if we hit a bump), I didn’ listen to myself about taking cab, and we both talked about going down the block, but didn’t.  What a comedy of errors!  I am just SO thankful that it didn’t do too much damage!  Katy, of course, hates, hates, hates not being to move as much as usual, but I try to make it up to her by making her wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner….:-)

I hope that this post finds all of you well, and that you all have a FANTASTIC rest of the weekend!



Happy Halloween

I hope that everyone survived the storm this week.  Katy and I are keeping everyone in our thoughts who got hit hard by Sandy.  It is in times of such great tragedy that we, as Americans, show the world how truly giving we can be.

Not much has been happening here.  Katy and I did 2 speaking engagements that went very well.  We also discovered a little blues bar call Smoken’ Joe’s in Brighton, MA.  It feels like a little slice of home.  The musicians are great, and I’ve gotten up and jammed with them for 2 weeks.  Katy LOVES going there, and everyone makes us feel so welcome.  If you are bored on a Tuesday evening, you can check out the jam on your computer on http://www.playjones.com.  I love watching Katy dance in her chair as she enjoys music.  She is so cute!

I hope you all have a safe, and happy Halloween!